Posting An Ad Mobile

How to Post an Ad On BisManOnline Mobile
Posting an ad on BisManOnline is easy! Follow the steps below to get started!

1). After you have logged into your account, click the button that says "Post an Ad" and you will be taken to step 1 of the ad posting process. This is where you pick the ad type for your ad, whether that be "For Sale" "Free/Giveaway" "Rummage Sale" "Item Wanted" etc..

2). Once you have picked your category (For this example we will be picking "For Sale"). Go ahead and start filling in the description of your ad. A title will be automatically generated for you. Note: You may edit your title after it auto fills.

3). After you have filled out all the information for your ad you'll be able to upload photos you can do this by tapping "Add Photos". Note: You can only upload 3 photos for free, any more photos and you'll have to upgrade your ad for more photos (up to 20) $1.99

4). OPTIONAL The next step will allow you to pick from a list of upgrade you can attach to your ad. All upgrades besides "More Photos", "Bold Title" and "Video" will be active for 30 days or sold/taken down. Note: Any commercial ads must choose the "Commercial Ad" upgrade $19.95 or the ad will be auto rejected.

5). Final step unless you have chosen upgrades. Read through the warnings listed and click agree that you understand the warnings and risks. Think click "Submit" your ad will be listed and will be put on hold for approving.

Upgrade Checkout Process
1). If you have chosen to upgrade, you will be redirected to the checkout page, From here you can apply credits you may have or checkout via PayPal which will accept all major credit cards.

2). Once payment has been accepted you'll be redirected to the payment complete page and your ad will be posted.